South Carolina Guardianship

While a conservatorship relates specifically to the oversight of the finances of an individual, a guardianship primarily relates to the broader oversight of all aspects of an individual’s life.  Usually determined through a legal proceeding, guardianship includes oversight of multiple aspects of life including housing and medical care in addition to financial issues.  Guardianships are established when individuals lack the ability to make decisions, communicate those decisions, and understand the consequences of the decisions.

At GFS, we recognize the serious responsibility of providing guardianship and strive to provide our clients with as much autonomy as possible while still protecting them from abuse and neglect.  Whenever possible, clients are consulted as to personal and financial preferences. In issues of estate planning, care management and fiduciary concerns, GFS respects the validity of the client’s concerns. Often, the involvement of GFS takes a client from a world of loneliness, despair, and exploitation to a world of hope.

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