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A guardian of the person is responsible for ensuring the client’s medical and personal care needs are met. Services provided vary with the client’s physical condition, mental condition, and living situation.

Guardianships of person are established and monitored by different names courts depending on which stats has jurisdiction and managed by the appropriate court (probate court in south Carolina, Orphans court in Pennsylvania, and superior courts in Washing States). Guardians are appointed through a legal process that can impact an individual’s rights. For this reason, guardianship should be only sought when all other avenues have been exhausted.


Examples of Guardianships Service:

  • Regular visits to monitor care and well-being; including nutrition, medications, safety, and security
  • Advocate for the client’s preferences and needs
  • Consider, coordinate, and consent to medical treatment
  • Arrange for in-home or in assisted living facility
  • Coordinate with community services, medical providers, DSHS, VA, Medicare, and other entities to assure our clients receive the maximum benefits