Perhaps the most important step in establishing a long-term care plan is assessing our client’s current financial position.  Our case managers identify each person’s assets and liabilities and establish a balanced monthly cash flow for our clients.  In addition to paying any monthly obligations, we can negotiate with creditors to reduce the client’s financial burden.

By assisting in a portfolio review, we can ensure that our client’s investments give the maximum benefit.  In addition, we ensure that all property is properly insured and all assets are safeguarded to prevent financial abuse. In some instances, it becomes necessary to liquidate assets, and GFS assists in arranging for the liquidation. For those clients unable to stay in their home, we can facilitate the liquidation of their real estate.  In instances of guardianships and conservatorships, we seek the required court approval prior to these larger liquidations. GFS provides professional advice, counsels and makes referrals while considering the best interests of our clients and building a relationship of trust and confidence.

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