Care Management

In many cases, clients of GFS need home care services as well as assistance in getting to appointments and services outside the home.  With our firm’s personal attention, we manage the necessary home care to ensure the wellness and safety of our clients.  In addition, we arrange for transportation and often assist in the scheduling of appointments outside the home to be sure that clients get the continued care they need.

Often, issues arise when individuals are not able to get follow-up care or cannot pick-up their medications.  Our guardianship program utilizes case managers and volunteers to access community services, health treatment and housing for our clients. We advocate for our clients for housing and living arrangements when needed, employment and training when appropriate, and responsible medical care as necessary.  GFS also assists in determining the community and federal resources available to our clients. Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) include gerontologists, nurses, social workers and psychologists who focus especially on issues related to elder care.  GFS frequently works with GCMs as an essential part of our care team.  When a client is no longer able to live independently, we assist in determining the best facility available, in many instances this requires a facility with 24/7 support. In all of our management, we provide individualized care with the well-being of each client our sole priority.


We have many clients that live throughout the United States; often they require care, especially if they are to remain independent. Our efforts are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our clients. Often this includes providing a personal Caregiver. Caregiver may be scheduled from as little as three hour visits up to full-time care (24/7). Caregiving services range from providing self care tasks, such as toileting, bathing dressing and eating to more social activities. Social activities include outings, errands, scrapbooking, game playing and so forth. They may also provide meal preparation and light housekeeping services as necessary. Several of our clients have taken vacations abroad and/or visiting families and friends in another state, a Caregiver accompanies them on their journeys.

All Caregivers undergo extensive background and reference checks, no matter what state they reside in. A daily record documenting each visit is completed by the Caregiver. GFS staff is involved with ensuring the Caregiver provides the appropriate level of care to ensure that all needs are being met. As necessary the Plan of Care is modified as ones need changes. GFS is committed to ensuring the healthiest and happiest environment possible for the client.

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