Our Vision

We are free-thinking individuals with diverse experiences, opinions and backgrounds. With over 60 years of combined experience, we have come together to create a company whose foundation is built on trust, passion, and a drive for making a difference in the lives of others. Our vision is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Long Term Care Management

It’s not unusual to know someone who needs long term care and assistance. At present, more than 9.5 million Americans need long term services. What is rare is to find a company like Guardian Fiduciary Services (GFS) that can provide comprehensive support for individuals needing assistance to remain independent. GFS provides fiduciary services, trust and estate management, financial management assistance, power of attorney, conservator and guardianship services, and case management. With its concern and respect for each individual, GFS can tailor its services to accommodate the shifting needs of its clients.

GFS for Elder Care and Estate Management

Clients come to GFS through a variety of avenues. For some insightful people, GFS is the right choice before they need any assistance. By establishing a relationship prior to any issues developing, that individual has choices and control over the plans and services. GFS arranges legal guidance through referrals to reliable attorneys who can provide documents including powers of attorney and living wills. In addition, specifics of trust and estate management can be analyzed.

GFS Helps You Create the Best Elder Care Plan

The client also can articulate the care plan that is best suited and have everything in place if long term care should become necessary. It’s important to know that for individuals who turned 65 years old in 2010, 45% of those people will require long term care during their life time. Also know that it’s not just the elderly who need assistance during their life time. While often viewed as an issue of the elderly, statistics reveal that approximately one third of Americans needing long-term care are under the age of 65 years old.

GFS Can Handle Complex Situations

Additionally, individuals may be referred to GFS if they are no longer able to care for themselves and make the everyday decisions required to live independently. Referrals can come from responsible attorneys, family members, and in some instances the court system. In some cases, it’s necessary to establish a conservatorship or guardianship if the individual cannot make decisions independently. Often there can be conflict between family members as to the best plan for the client or even no family members to determine the best plan. With its extensive experience and resources, GFS can determine what’s needed for each individual and then implement the plan.

GFS Helps You Manage at Home Elder Care

In addition to broad issues such as legal and financial analysis, GFS also manages detailed in-home support for clients needing it. Nursing services can be scheduled, bills can be paid, and transportation to medical appointments can be arranged. GFS works hard to enable its clients to stay at home as long as possible. The cost of nursing home care currently exceeds $6,000 per month.

GFS Puts the Well Being of the Elderly First

In all cases, GFS considers the concerns and well-being of each client. Individuals in the vulnerable situation of needing assistance often find themselves the target of self-serving individuals and family members who disregard the client’s best interests. GFS provides the necessary services that allow individuals to live independently and securely for as long as possible. Our firm strives to provide responsible, thoughtful financial and personal guidance for people with limited health, mobility or acuity.