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Stephen Mantell

Stephen Mantell

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Michael Jay Markey Jr.

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Rachel Murray

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Shaketa Malone

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Our Staff Groups

Manage Financial Assets

Personal Financial Services

Coordinating with the individuals or families, Private Client manages the client’s income, expenditures, and other economic activities to provide organization and peace of mind.

Coordinate with Financial Staff

Personal Care Management

With input and involvement from individuals and their families, Private Client manages the personal care for individuals. Our goal is to provide for the preferences of each individual.

Financial & Healthcare Lawyer

Power of Attorney

A method for planning for the unexpected and arranging to have someone else manage the financial and property affairs in the event an individual is no longer able to do so.

Guardian of the Estate

Legal Conservator

A guardian is appointed by the courts only when all other avenues have been exhausted, and it has been determined an individual lacks full decision-making capacity. Guardians can be appointed to oversee an individual’s financial affairs, personal care, or both.

Estate Plan Services

Successor Trustee

Most people will designate a family member, such as a spouse, adult child, siblings, or other close relative, to serve as successor trustee of a trust created on behalf of an individual by an attorney licensed in the client’s state of jurisdiction. With GFSLLC, one of our team members will be named the successor trustee in an individual capacity rather than a family.